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Our conference offers valuable content, collaboration and connections on a global scale. Keynotes and breakout sessions will be filled with industry experts sharing expertise on the topics below.

Monday, 24 July • 11:15am - 12:00pm

Disrupt or be Disrupted

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Speakers: Daniel Johnson, Brian Harris, Diane Dou
Moderator: Carrie Forbes

Financial institutions around the world are facing several disruptions, including increased competition, rapid change in consumer behavior, and new technology, to name a few. This disruption impacts traditional business models, conventional leadership and is even making some economic theories obsolete. In this environment, credit unions need to disrupt, or risk being disrupted out of business. Join three Canadian credit union executives as they discuss how credit unions can be game-changing organizations, potential forces for change in markets, and ways to successfully face disruption head-on.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Different ways of business disruption
  • How potential forces in markets will create change
  • How to successfully face disruption

Give our Youth a Reason to Dream Again

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Speaker: Guy Cormier
Young people play an essential role shaping new solutions that solve our society's pressing issues. That's exactly why cooperatives and mutuals are continuously reaching out to engage with them and provide support. Financial cooperatives were born out of a desire to drive social progress, and they embody the new responsible capitalism that young people are demanding. Desjardins Group President, Guy Cormier has spent the last year meeting with a diverse set of young entrepreneurs and students across Quebec and Ontario and listening to what they have to say. Our youth deserve to dream big—how can we make sure they have the space they need to succeed?
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Importance of youth in our credit unions, economy and society.
  • How credit unions can practically support youth.
  • Rethinking capitalism and the power of modern leadership.

Perspectives and Lessons on Credit Union Digitization from Around the World

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Speakers: Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrofikj, Oscar Guzman

Learn about the experience of various countries who have embraced digitalization and how it has helped the credit unions in their countries thrive.  This panel will provide perspectives from two very different regions of the world and how digitization help provide modernization and solutions for credit unions.   

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Learn approaches that you can take with your own credit union to modernize and digitize your credit union.
  • Understand challenges others have encountered on their digitization journey.
  • Get insights into how digitization can help grow and strengthen your credit union.

Enhancing Financial Institutions’ Approaches to Managing the Financial Risks from Climate Change

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Speaker: Dele Adeleye
In this session the speaker will describe the policy journey and supervisory practices the Bank of England is taking with respect to meeting its climate objective. The Bank of England's climate objective is to play a leading role, through policies and operations, in ensuring the macroeconomy, the financial system, and the Bank of England itself are resilient to the risks from climate change and support the transition to a net-zero economy. Dele’s session will focus on how the Bank of England is ensuring the financial system is resilient to climate-related financial risks.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • To understand the background to international regulators’ (including the Bank of England) policy approach to climate change.
  • To understand how institutions’ boards and risk managers assess the financial risks from climate change that affect their firms, and to be able to address and oversee these risks within their overall business strategy and risk appetite.
  • To learn about international regulators’ expectations of financial institutions approaches to managing the financial risks from climate change in areas such as governance, risk management, scenario analysis and disclosure.

Insurance as a Key Element for Credit Unions Development: A Polish Case Study

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Speakers: Iwona Kondracka, Adam Morawiec

Insurance is an important element of the global financial market. Insurance often complements the credit institutions offer, because it is used as a form of security.

It is this reason why cooperation between Credit Unions and insurance companies in Poland began to gain momentum.

It brings benefits to institutions, but most importantly to the members of the credit unions. During this session, participants will learn how collaboration with insurance companies affects the Credit Unions development success in Poland. Finally, participants will learn how to shape this cooperation and make it profitable.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • How to effectively sell insurance in credit unions.
  • Which elements of the insurance sales model (in SKOK) are the most important to success.
  • What IT solutions are most important for combined loans and insurance sale.

Monday, 24 July • 1:15pm - 2:00pm

Fostering a Resilient Future for Ukraine

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Speakers: Ewa Sierzynska, Volodymyr Sydorovskyy, Alisa Stetsyshyn
A unique opportunity to meet representatives of the Ukrainian credit union movement and those supporting it amid Russia’s full-scale invasion. During the session you will hear the first-hand testimonial from a Ukrainian credit union leader about the current situation in Ukraine, learn about the impact of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Union’s Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund relief and early recovery activities to support Ukrainian credit unions in wartime, progress of USAID/World Council of Credit Unions’ Credit For Agriculture Producers Project in Ukraine to strengthen the country’s credit union movement and support agricultural and rural businesses through affordable finance.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • You will be aware about the recent developments in Ukraine and resilience efforts of Ukrainian credit unions amid Russia’s full-scale war.
  • You will learn how the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions supports Ukrainian credit unions and their members thanks to donations from the global community.
  • find out about the progress and planned activities of the USAID/World Council of Credit Unions’ Credit For Agriculture Producers Project to strengthen Ukrainian credit unions.

How Financial Organizations Can Implement Buy Now Pay Later: The BLIK Case Study

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Speakers: Vasco Gil, Ricardo de Campos
From the “bored-at-home” e-commerce shoppers during the pandemic to an estimated market size of US$141 billion in 2021*, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has experienced extraordinary growth. What is BNPL, who are the main players and what will be the main trends and challenges in the upcoming years? Wrapped within several controversies, will BNPL be a victim of its own success? During the session, we will conduct a deep dive into the BNPL world, focusing on a BNPL implementation project in Poland. We will share our perspective on best practices from a risk management point of view in this challenging and demanding environment.

*According to BNPL report published in website: The Buy Now Pay Later Market in 2021-2026: A Complete Overview (
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Acknowledge the concept of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), its main characteristics, how it compares to other traditional forms of credit and its rapid growth in the e-commerce market.
  • Understand the main risks, benefits and challenges of BNPL.
  • Get insight of a real case of BNPL implementation, including the challenges and main milestones.
  • Obtain a detailed analysis of how Machine Learning, Early Warnings Signs processes and monitoring of risk models can help address and mitigate some risks of BNPL.

Mutual Growth: A Korean Credit Union Case Study

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Speakers: Jeeye Choi, Taeyoung Lee
As populations decline and problems related to the doughnut effect are taking place in small provincial cities, many credit unions are facing management crises due to decreases in assets and members. As a solution to this problem, NACUFOK has been leading a “mutual growth” strategy, which aims to promote “mutual growth between credit unions”, at the same time as “mutual growth with local communities.” “Mutual growth between credit unions” involves a network of credit unions that support other credit unions that are smaller in size, or located in provincial areas, and “mutual growth with local communities” involves the implementation of various local inclusive finance projects. In this session, NACUFOK plans to share case studies, achievements, and future prospects of the “mutual growth” project in Korea.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Predict challenges credit unions face due to digitization of finance and structural changes, such as changes in demographic structure and low growth

  • Assess bipolarization of credit unions between those located in big cities and those in provincial areas, especially in terms of asset size, number of members, fund management opportunities, etc.

  • Reflect on the role of credit unions in resolving or mitigating rural financial alienation

  • Provide ideas for mutual cooperation between credit unions located in big cities and those in provincial areas

  • Share Korea’s financial environment and Korean credit union business cases

Workplace Cohesion

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Speaker: Dr. Troy Hall
Join Dr. Troy for this high-powered, interactive session demonstrating the power of infusing cohesion into the work culture and its impact to retain talent. With only 40% of the global workforce actually committed to organizational success, Dr. Troy makes the case that to have the type of commitment leaders want from their employees it takes cohesion, not engagement. Nearly two-thirds of an organization's employees are actively seeking growth, development, and advancement. Companies can no longer afford to settle for mere “employee engagement” based on a hunch, happiness, or satisfaction. When organizations ignore building teams that work cohesively they are adding to the over $7 trillion dollars of lost productivity and creativity as measured on a global scale.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • The 3 strategic elements of a Cohesion Culture™️ and the importance of greetings.
  • How cohesion is a better predictor of behavior than correlational data.
  • Why leaders should focus on cohesion instead of engagement.

Monday, 24 July • 2:15pm - 3:15pm

The 6 Keys to Inclusive Leadership

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Speaker: Ayo Owodunni
The United States workforce is fast-changing. Between 2011 and 2020, the United States welcomed a total of 10.3 million immigrants. Immigrants today account for 13.7% of the US population, triple the number in 1970. To remain competitive and achieve industry leadership, leaders must learn to not only welcome educated & experienced immigrants into their workforce but also acquire the necessary skills to deliver results through their culturally diverse teams. What are these 6 key skills that must be learned? In this session, Ayo walks listeners through the skills needed and practical tips to develop these skills throughout an organization's leadership levels
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand the qualities needed to build an inclusive culture.
  • Identify key aspects of the organization holding back inclusivity.
  • Understand the next steps needed to start taking action.

The Changing Nature of Payments

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Speaker: Stacey Madge
The world of payments continues to evolve. Accelerated eCommerce throughout the pandemic led to broader adoption of payment innovations and shone a light on the critical service the payments ecosystem provides. New data will lead this discussion as we interpret the numbers to highlight drivers of consumer demand and where payments will go next, helping credit unions to continue to meet the needs of their members.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Insight into the current economic environment and the role of payments.
  • Discuss what’s possible for new ways to pay as payment innovation evolves.
  • Explore how  analytics and data-driven solutions can help credit unions, and their members, thrive.

Empowering Credit Union Cooperation

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Speaker: David Malone

Learn how credit unions can collaborate and work together to create economies of scale for various products and services that they offer.  Small credit unions can hit above their weight when they can gain efficiencies in their back offices and contain costs with the benefits of offering services they would otherwise be unable to offer. This session will explore some of those approaches.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Learn about collaboration strategies that can help your credit union improve services to your members.
  • Understand how collaboration and the benefits of economies of scale and shared resources can benefit smaller credit unions;
  • Explore opportunities for growth for your credit union.

A Canadian Perspective on Board Governance

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Speakers: Karen Miner, Andre Pawan
Moderator: Corina Farbacher

What is your role as a credit union board member, and how do you execute that role to strengthen the resiliency of your credit union and ensure that it is achieving its purpose? In this moderated panel discussion, you will hear from credit union board members and governance experts on the duty of cooperative board members to act in the best interests of the credit union as a whole while balancing cooperative values/principles and the short term/long term interests of existing and potential new members, the importance of incorporating purpose and the Cooperative Principles in decision-making, and ways to increase diversity at the board table.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand how to act in the best interest of the cooperative
  • Importance of the cooperative principles when making decisions
  • Learn ways to increase diversity

Financial Wellness Works: Creating Qualified Borrowers through Education and Outreach

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Speaker: Jessica Sharon
As our world's economies change drastically, our members are left searching for a safe haven. Credit Unions offer products and services specifically designed for members of modest means. Through financial education and outreach, credit unions can create qualified borrowers that become loyal member-owners who drive their own financial success, while driving credit union growth and expansion. Learn how education brings members to the credit union, while products and service keep them coming back!
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Learn how financial education drives membership growth and loyalty.
  • Learn how appropriate high-risk pricing offers fair products and services to members, while helping the credit union grow.
  • Learn how to get your board and Management team to buy in to financial wellness and education.
  • Learn how to create, track, and refine a financial wellness strategy or program that fits your credit union.

Tuesday, 25 July • 11:15am - 12:00pm

Reimagining Mutuality: Building a New National Australian Mutual through a Merger

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Speakers: Peter Lock, Steve Laidlaw
A new era in Australian banking arrived in March 2023, when two of Australia’s most successful member-owned banking organizations, Heritage and People’s Choice, merged to create a new national mutual with approximately 720,000 members, 1,900 employees and more than $23 billion in assets. The merger was a unique pairing of equals, bringing together two complementary organizations of very similar size who shared remarkably similar cultures, values and strategic goals – including an absolute commitment to members, communities and employees. Peter Lock and Steve Laidlaw will take you inside the two-year journey to create a new force for good in Australia’s mutual sector and share their strategic outlook on how the merged organization is resetting the way Australians think about banking to help propel the member-owned model onto the radar of consumers around the country. Join this session to hear first-hand insights and lessons learnt from a successful mutual merger, including identifying the ideal partner, fostering strong member, employee and regulatory support through effective communications and engagement programs, the successful delivery of a major program of work to reach Day 1, and building for the future through integration and a compelling strategy for long-term sustainability. 

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Insights into M&A strategies
  • Lessons learnt from a major merger
  • The importance of member, employee and regulatory engagement.

How Sustainable Thinking Can Help Wealth Managers Empower Investors in a World of Continuous Disruption

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Speaker: Tim Prescott
Moderator: Wanda Frisk
Once set and predictable, today’s world is rapidly catapulting us into cycle of continuous, seemingly disconnected change. With society undergoing massive, non-stop disruption, our institutions, the systems and frameworks we employ, and the expectations of the people who use our products and services are all being revaluated and redefined. As asset managers, we in turn need to revaluate and redefine what we do, not just to keep pace with the shifting demands and needs of investors, but also to help turn all that relentless change into opportunities to help make people and the planet better off. The answer is not ESG. It’s not that simple anymore. The answer lies in how you embed differentiated, sustainable thinking into how asset managers and wealth providers operate their businesses and engage their clients. Join Tim Prescott, SVP and Head of Asset Management at Aviso, for a thought-provoking perspective on the crucial role asset managers and wealth solution providers play in helping engage and empower investors in a world that surprises and challenges us as never before.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understanding how our disrupted world is impacting the value investors are ascribing to wealth products and providers.
  • Understanding the potential of asset managers and wealth providers to engage and empower investors in a highly disrupted world.
  • Articulating a path for asset managers and wealth providers to enhance their future viability and relevance.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee - The Sicredi Foundation Case Study

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Speaker: Fernanda Pittelkow
Sicredi (Credit System Cooperative) is the first institution financial cooperative in Brazil, and has been around for more than 120 years. They are physically present in all Brazilian states, with more than 2,400 branches, and offer more than 300 products and financial and non-financial services for more than 6.4 million associates. They have more than 100 cooperatives in the country, and a systemic model of action. In December 2022, the Foundation Sicredi released the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee for all cooperatives. The initiative encourage the development of the theme in a structured way for more then 38,000 employees. The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee aims to direct and collaborate to develop policies and practices aimed at ensuring equality in labor relations and respect for human rights. Through institutional and educational guidance, the Foundation's role is to support cooperatives in the deployment of the ID&E strategy. Thus, the Sicredi Foundation seeks to advise, structure, and equip cooperatives to develop their local committees and become more inclusive and diverse, better welcoming employees and members. This session will showcase the initiatives of the Foundation Sicredi's IDE program.

Leveraging Digital and Social Media to Attract Younger Members

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Speakers: Claudia Richard, Tara Chernoff, Stef MacLeod
Moderator: Dimah Khalili

Attracting and retaining members is a common challenge shared by many credit unions. The average age of credit union members is increasing, and there is a renewed focus among many credit unions around the world to attract and retain younger members. This moderated panel discussion will explore case studies from credit unions that have successfully implemented digital strategies to attract younger members.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Benefits of attracting younger members
  • How to use social media to attract younger members
  • First-hand experience from credit unions on what has worked

Advocacy Strategies to Improve your Credit Union

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Speakers: Jason Stevrak, Andrew Price, Clairton Walter

Learn effective advocacy strategies that you can use in your country to achieve improved regulatory frameworks for credit unions.  This session will focus on some of the strategies and lessons learned from advocacy efforts from around the world.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Learn techniques to help improve advocacy with policy makers.
  • Understand some of the challenges faced when trying to shape regulatory frameworks for credit unions.
  • Develop techniques that can be used to support the credit union cooperative model.

Tuesday, 25 July • 1:15pm - 2:00pm

Marketing Using the Power of Data

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Speaker: Armand Parvazi
Using the power of data and automation, marketers can increase personalization and engagement when speaking to members. Additionally, credit unions can start anticipating products and services for members, keeping them inside the credit union ecosystem and helping members and the credit union meet their goals.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • How to use data to your benefit (where to find it, how to mine it, how to act on it)
  • Develop a strategy, from high level down to a campaign
  • How to leverage partnerships for expertise (vendors, agencies, etc.)
  • How to measure success (ROI, engagement, etc.)

Transforming Legacy Payments Processing to Modernized Solutions: A Prairie Payments Joint Venture Case Study

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Speaker: Duke Butler
With payments being the underlying activity behind every transaction, the technology to make that happen is pushing the industry forward at an accelerated pace. Credit unions with a history of innovation but handcuffed by legacy systems and lack of resources need to find readymade and scalable solutions for payments innovation. As a response to the growing payment needs of financial institutions, Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) programs have started to emerge. These models provide access to the latest technology, services, and program management with minimal overhead and investment. Financial institutions of any size can take advantage of this offering to boost the payment experience of their customers. However, that said, small to mid-sized credit unions may lack the capability to build out payment systems on their own. The need still exists to stay up-to-date with payment options, but outsourcing to PaaS relieves constraints with resources and upfront investment. The above scenario was the case the Prairie credit union system, found themselves in. The need to keep up with payments modernization no longer being optional, the system needed to find a modernized payments solution. They landed on the first of its kind 200 million contract with IBM to develop a modernized payments platform; 8-year agreement that is the largest of its kind in Canada for the credit union system. In this session, the Prairie Payments Joint Venture (PPJV) CEO, Duke Butler will share the journey starting with the creation of the joint venture to support the transition of over 80 credit unions to a modernized PaaS platform.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Review state of payments today – biggest challenges and opportunities to payment service providers.
  • Educate participants on what is PaaS.
  • Share challenges small to mid-sized credit unions face in payments modernization.

Managing Multiple Changes

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Speakers: Shelley McDade, Larrey Davey, Lisa Loughery
Moderator: Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Change management is something everyone has had to adapt to, especially in the last three years. This session will look at the impact of structural changes within credit unions as a result of mergers and changing ways of work. The panelists will discuss how mergers are impacting credit unions and their operations and how to maintain a community focus in a hybrid environment.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand how embracing new ways of work can influence productivity
  • Maintaining a community focus in a hybrid environment
  • Learn the impacts mergers can have on operations

Economic Inclusion from a DEI Lens: Lessons Learned From The Economic Inclusion Project In Peru And Ecuador

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Speaker: Oscar Guzman
This session will share the lessons learned and highlight the impact achieved by World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) during the first three years of implementation of the Economic Inclusion Project (EIP) in Peru and Ecuador. EIP has achieved the economic and financial inclusion of more than 100,000 Venezuelan migrants and vulnerable local populations in Peru and Ecuador, a majority of whom are women (including victims of gender-based violence) and youth. EIP seeks to close gaps in access and inclusion that generate inequities, working to address vulnerabilities to promote sustainable economic inclusion. 

This session will be presented in Spanish. Spanish to English interpretation will be provided.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Evaluate the importance of implementing a digital financial services ecosystem in order to effectively offer financial services to excluded populations, including rural families, women, youth, migrants, indigenous populations, etc.
  • Understand the role of credit unions and other financial institutions in supporting the economic empowerment of the most vulnerable populations, by providing financial services that complement sustainable livelihood strategies.
  • Demonstrate the need for credit unions to coordinate their efforts with development agencies, local and national governments, and NGOs to achieve greater reach and impact.
  • Share the experiences of EIP partners and beneficiaries to demonstrate the need for credit unions to balance social and business goals regarding equity and inclusion.

If You Score an A+ on Your Scorecard, Can Your Credit Union Still Fail?

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Speaker: Miranda V. Flury
Analyzing credit union performance is an important oversight function of both Boards and CEOs, but what if your metrics are a sea of green and yet the organization was deteriorating? This session examines the use of the scorecard at the Board/CEO level, choices of metrics on scorecards and their respective pitfalls, and the ramifications of metrics on people. Effective oversight of Credit Union performance will help to create and protect value for its members, employees, communities, and the credit union system.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Be able to define and understand the importance of a scorecard to evaluate credit union performance.
  • Explore key metrics on scorecards and their respective pitfalls.
  • Comprehend the relationship between metrics and behaviors.

Tuesday, 25 July • 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Making Diversity Last Beyond the Job Application

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Speaker: Ruben Ugarte
Many organizations are successfully hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. However, they aren't reaping all the benefits of this work by preventing them from fully contributing to the organization. It all boils down to how decisions are made and for too many organizations, they are made by a small number of people at the top. In this session, attendees will learn how to design and optimize a decision-making process that allows (and encourages) diverse points of views and ideas. Leaders will also learn how to properly delegate decisions without micromanaging their team or worrying that a wrong decision will be made. Finally, attendees will understand how decisions can function as growth multipliers across profit, revenue and talent.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • How to create a culture that welcomes diverse ideas regardless of role or background.
  • How to identify your current decision-making process and ways to optimize it.
  • Knowing when to involve others in a decision, delegate it altogether or make it yourself.
  • Using pivotal decisions to multiply growth.

Sustainable Finance: This Isn’t Just for Banks

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Speaker: Edward Olson
Financial institutions globally are embracing commitments to net zero financed emissions by 2050. All the largest banks in Canada have committed to the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. Should credit unions pay any attention to this global trend? Many credit unions and system entities are grappling to formulate an ESG strategy, and conversations around the Board table abound as to what is the right path to take. In this session we’ll explore the implications of the risks related to a transition to net-zero economy and the move to sustainable finance. We will discuss the reasons for evaluating your loan portfolio, understand the context of industries at risk to change in this transition to net zero, and assess how some financial institutions are already taking steps to prepare for this change. This session will also include considerations on how to consider innovation in providing unique offerings for members to meet changing expectations.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand the changing landscape of regulation that is driving the move towards sustainable finance.
  • Learn what sustainable finance entails.
  • Learn which industries are a focal point for government and regulators.
  • Understand steps to be taken for impending regulatory requirements.

Mitigating Risks: Risk Management Strategies for Small Credit Unions

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Speakers: Andrew Poprawa, Brian Link

This session will explore how to use up to date technology to assist smaller credit unions to optimize the risk management process. With effective techniques credit unions can significantly reduce the time and effort to implement a robust risk management process.  Learn various methodologies to improve the performance of your credit union.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Explore strategies on managing risk from the viewpoint of a small credit union.
  • Learn techniques that can help reduce the time and effort of the risk management process.
  • Develop methodologies to improve the performance of your credit union.

Overcoming the Board Recruitment and Development Dilemma

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Speakers: Robert Kelly, Corlinda Wooden, Austin Brown, Scott Butterfield

Effective board governance is crucial for credit unions. Boards are responsible for organizational success in fulfilling their mission, serving members effectively and using resources responsibly.  Credit union members rely on the board of directors to provide guidance, oversight, and accountability.  The Board of Directors plays a vital role in a successful credit union and worldwide credit union movement. 

Today, credit unions are challenged to find, recruit and develop qualified and engaged directors.  This difficulty comes at a time when consumers financial wants and needs are changing rapidly, competition for consumer relationships is higher than ever, community demographics are changing, and the future pool of volunteer directors is younger and have their own set of values and life priorities. 

This session will address some of the challenges faced by credit unions for recruiting the next generation of volunteers, engaging new volunteers and highlight characteristics of high performing boards. 

Attendee Takeaways:
  • How to improve the recruitment and onboarding process for a new generation of Volunteers.
  • How to improve the engagement process for Volunteers.
  • Identify the characteristics of high performing Board of Directors.

Canadian National Young Leaders Finalist Presentation

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Speakers: Kendra Bagley, Steve Baker, Sarah Ferguson, Theresa Smith, Brandon Wells

The Canadian Credit Union Young Leader Award helps identify the best and brightest young Canadian credit union employees. The award is designed to motivate them and publicize their accomplishments to inspire others. Join the five award winners and scholarship finalists as they share their insights and perspectives in front of a panel of judges and a live audience to demonstrate the impact they have made at their organizations and in their communities. One of the five award winners will be selected as the $10K (CAD) scholarship recipient.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • How young leaders foster community involvement in their credit unions.
  • The role young leaders play in promoting growth within their credit unions.
  • Commitment to credit union values.

Wednesday, 26 July • 9:00am - 9:45am

Open Banking Fireside Chat

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Speakers: Abraham Tachjian, Jeff Guthrie

Canada’s Open Banking Lead, Abraham Tachjian will be joined by CCUA’s President & CEO, Jeff Guthrie to discuss Canada’s Open Banking journey. With extensive international banking experience, Abraham will provide a comprehensive perspective on Open Banking and what is on the horizon for credit unions both near and far.  Come prepared with your questions for the not-to-be-missed session.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Canada’s Open Banking Journey to date
  • What credit unions can expect in the future
  • Interactive engagement with Canada’s Open Banking Lead

Credit Union Brands that Drive Growth in a Changing World

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Speaker: Gina Bleedorn
With more than 86,000 credit unions operating in 118 countries worldwide, the widespread reach of these influential financial institutions is undeniable. But as credit unions explore opportunities to attract and expand their member base, it has never been more vital to have a powerful brand strategy as a foundation for growth. This session explores essential considerations for growth-focused credit union brands and the decision-making framework financial leaders must deploy to craft a strategy that turns their brand into a platform for progress. Drawing on real-world case studies and best practices in financial services, you’ll learn how to create brand differentiation that gives you a competitive advantage and drives influence.
Attendee Takeaways:
  •  How to identify and amplify the strengths of your brand’s DNA, and evolve the core elements of your brand to support growth goals.
  • How to create brand alignment and an employee culture that delivers the member experience necessary to fuel growth.
  • The importance of brand naming and positioning and how to minimize member attrition with the right brand strategy.
  • How to use brand as a primary lever to foster advocacy and spark chemistry between your brand and your key constituencies.

Self-Regulation and Sustainability

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Speaker: Sharon Marie Dy
For countries, like the Philippines, with minimal regulatory framework of supervising and monitoring co-ops or credit unions, Self-Regulation by the federation is an imperative factor. Sharon Marie Dy will share how the Philippines adopted the PEARLS standards as one of the Financial parameters to supervise and monitor Philippine co-ops financial discipline and soundness.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • To share the importance of self-regulation to developing countries with minimal government regulation and supervision
  • To share the impact of self-regulation to the sustainability and soundness of Co-ops with less legislative supervision
  • To empower other developing countries with minimal supervision government framework to self-regulate for the protection of members' resources

Demystifying the Journey to Net Zero – Global Perspectives on Sustainable Transitions

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Speakers: Romeo Balzan, Jonathan Fowlie
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Addressing it will require cooperation on a global scale. Credit unions and financial cooperatives are ideally positioned to play a larger role in the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy, but how do we get there? Panelists from Brazil and Canada share perspectives on their journeys to sustainability and explore the potential for expanding our collective impact.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Gain perspective from credit unions that have championed the business case for sustainability.
  • Consider practical steps that your credit union can take to begin your journey to sustainability.
  • Opportunities for credit unions to be a force for transformation.

Wednesday, 26 July • 10:00am - 10:45am

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Services Marketing in the Credit Union Industry

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Speaker: Damian Mascoll
As credit unions continue to face increased competition and changing consumer preferences, it's more important than ever to have a solid services marketing strategy in place. With new technologies and communication channels constantly emerging, credit unions must adapt and evolve to stay relevant and attract new members. This presentation will provide insights and strategies for credit unions to navigate the changing landscape of services marketing.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understanding the Evolving Consumer Landscape
  • Building a Solid Services Marketing Strategy
  • Embracing New Technologies and Channels
  • Collaborating with Partners and Stakeholders

Grow Profitable and Loyal Relationships by Connecting Three Significant Customer Journeys

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Customer acquisition and onboarding are the first impressions you make with your customers. Connecting these journeys with amazing service creates three moments that form a powerful mechanism for converting prospects to customers and personalizing and deepening those new relationships. In an increasingly crowded and competitive space, it may feel like maintaining a customer’s loyalty can be difficult. Join us as we see how others have addressed these significant journeys to positively impact their customers’ experiences.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand how to create modern onboarding experiences
  • Learn scale with service that customers will love
  • Deliver personalized advice and guidance

International Regulatory Update: What’s Next for Credit Unions

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Speakers: Andrew Price, Panya Monford

Learn about new international standards that are being developed or changed that will soon reach the national level.  This panel will give insight into what regulatory frameworks will look like in the future.  Issues such as payments, AML/CFT, Sustainable Finance, and others will be covered.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Learn about key regulations that are under development by the international standard setting bodies.
  • Understand how your credit union will be affected by the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Explore how to plan and prepare your credit union for ways in which they could be affected by these changes.

Growing Prosperity among Members and Delivering on Credit Union Purpose

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Speakers: Liz Arkinstall, Mani Sheppard-Luangkhot, Mike Schilling

Climate change, rising income inequality, social polarization, the global pandemic, and housing affordability profoundly affect our members, communities, and businesses. As a result, more businesses are adopting a social purpose as the reason they exist to be relevant in this new context and create value for their stakeholders. How are credit unions responding? Three Canadian credit unions will share their approach to social-driven service to gain competitive advantage, create new opportunities to strengthen local communities, and share examples of building financial empowerment for Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, and underserved communities.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Identify the market trends impacting credit unions
  • Understand the business case for defining your credit union’s social purpose
  • Learn how to remove barriers to foster financial inclusion

Open Banking Means Financial Inclusion

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Speaker: Adrian Davies
Open banking can be a counterbalance to credit bureau data. It’s a way of getting members accepted for loans who may otherwise have low (or no) credit scores. Furthermore the data reveals a lot about financial exclusion that helps credit unions offer more inclusive products and services. But asking people to share confidential banking data is a big ask. Furthermore loans officers could be overwhelmed with 1,000s of transactions, leading to decisions taking longer. Worse still, there’s a risk of subjectivity based on biased interpretations of spending habits. Additionally, people on low incomes tend to lead more cash-orientated lives which means the open banking data can reveal little. And finally, not every transaction will be categorized, meaning the true nature of the spend remains unknown. Despite the above, open banking is a huge opportunity. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with open banking technology used to assess credit. It draws on four years’ experience of working with credit unions adopting this new way of working and also looks at what’s coming next: open finance.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using open banking for credit assessment.
  • Learn what open banking reveals about financial exclusion.
  • Evaluate how open banking can support product development.
  • Find out what’s next for open banking.