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Individual Presentation Downloads

Monday, 24 July

Disrupt or be Disrupted

DownloadSpeakers: Daniel Johnson, Brian Harris, Diane Dou
Moderator: Carrie Forbes

Give our Youth a Reason to Dream Again

DownloadSpeaker: Guy Cormier
Moderator: Amanda Wantke

International Regulatory Update: What’s Next for Credit Unions

DownloadSpeakers: Andrew Price, Elizabeth A. Eurgubian
Moderator: Panya Monford

Enhancing Financial Institutions’ Approaches to Managing the Financial Risks from Climate Change

DownloadSpeaker: Dele Adeleye
Moderator: Ari Farrell

Insurance as a Key Element for Credit Union Development: A Polish Case Study

DownloadSpeakers: Iwona Kondracka, Adam Morawiec
Moderator: Robert Eyler

Fostering a Resilient Future for Ukraine

DownloadSpeakers: Ewa Sierzynska, Volodymyr Sydorovskyy, Alisa Stetsyshyn
Moderator: Alisa Stetsyshyn

How Financial Organizations Can Implement Buy Now Pay Later: The BLIK Case Study

DownloadSpeaker: Vasco Gil
Moderator: Abby Cohen

Mutual Growth: A Korean Credit Union Case Study

DownloadSpeakers: Jeeye Choi, Taeyoung Lee
Moderator: Christie Stephenson

Workplace Cohesion

DownloadSpeaker: Dr. Troy Hall
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Insights into the Digital Transformation Journey

DownloadSpeakers: Eli Vasquez, Simon Scott, Jake Tyler, Atul Varde
Moderator: Eli Vasquez

The 6 Keys to Inclusive Leadership

DownloadSpeaker: Ayo Owodunni
Moderator: Angelina Tracy

The Changing Nature of Payments

DownloadSpeaker: Stacey Madge
Moderator: Abby Cohen

Empowering Credit Union Cooperation

DownloadSpeakers: David Malone, Bill Corbett
Moderator: Andrew Price

A Canadian Perspective on Board Governance

DownloadSpeakers: Karen Miner, Andre Vahist, Bonnie Andriachuk
Moderator: Corina Farbacher

Financial Wellness Works: Creating Qualified Borrowers Through Education and Outreach

DownloadSpeaker: Jessica Sharon
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Tuesday, 25 July

Reimagining Mutuality: Building a New National Australian Mutual through a Merger

DownloadSpeaker: Peter Lock
Moderator: Angelina Tracy

How Sustainable Thinking Can Help Wealth Managers Empower Investors in a World of Continuous Disruption

DownloadSpeaker: Tim Prescott
Moderator: Perry Ceholski

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee - The Sicredi Foundation Case Study

DownloadSpeaker: Isaura Morel
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Leveraging Digital and Social Media to Attract Younger Members

DownloadSpeakers: Claudia Richard, Tara Chernoff, Stef MacLeod
Moderator: Dimah Khalili

Advocacy Strategies to Improve your Credit Union

DownloadSpeakers: Andrew Price, Clairton Walter
Moderator: Panya Monford

Marketing Using the Power of Data

DownloadSpeaker: Armand Parvazi
Moderator: Mike Reuter

Transforming Legacy Payments Processing to Modernized Solutions: A Prairie Payments Joint Venture Case Study

DownloadSpeakers: Duke Butler, Blair Wingert
Moderator: Angelina Tracy

Managing Multiple Changes

DownloadSpeakers: Shelley McDade, Larry Davey, Lisa Loughery
Moderator: Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Economic Inclusion from a DEI Lens: Lessons Learned From The Economic Inclusion Project In Peru And Ecuador

DownloadSpeakers: Oscar Guzman, Diana Londoño, Diego Andrade
Moderator: Abby Cohen

If You Score an A+ on Your Scorecard, Can Your Credit Union Still Fail?

DownloadSpeaker: Miranda Flury
Moderator: Lisa Person

Making Diversity Last Beyond the Job Application

UnavailableSpeaker: Ruben Ugarte
Moderator: Ukeme Falade

Sustainable Finance: This Isn’t Just for Banks

DownloadSpeakers: Brent Clode, Megan Long
Moderator: Edward Olson

The Essential Journey to Efficient, Impactful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – Key Insights from the Field for Executives and Directors

DownloadSpeakers: Andrew Poprawa, Brian Link, Allison Kasper, Kris Mork
Moderator: Panya Monford

Overcoming the Board Recruitment and Development Dilemma

DownloadSpeakers: Robert Kelly, Corlinda Wooden, Austin Brown
Moderator: Scott Butterfield

Canadian National Young Leaders Finalist Presentation

DownloadSpeakers: Kendra Bagley, Steven Baker, Sarah Ferguson, Theresa Smith & Brandon Wells

Wednesday, 26 July

Open Banking Fireside Chat

DownloadSpeakers: Jeff Guthrie, Abraham Tachjian
Moderator: Jeff Guthrie

Credit Union Brands that Drive Growth in a Changing World

UnavailableSpeaker: Gina Bleedorn
Moderator: Angelina Tracy

The Open Economy & Future of Financial Services

DownloadSpeaker: Darrel MacMullin
Moderator: Jean-Marc Handfield

Self-Regulation and Sustainability

DownloadSpeaker: Sharon Marie Dy
Moderator: Ari Farrell

Demystifying the Journey to Net Zero – Global Perspectives on Sustainable Transitions

DownloadSpeakers: Romeo Balzan, Jonathan Fowlie
Moderator: Thom Belekevich

Financial Inclusion in the Digital Revolution

DownloadSpeakers: Rodney Hood, Andrew Price
Moderator: Greg Neumann

Growing Prosperous & Loyal Relationships by Connecting 3 Significant Member Journeys

UnavailableSpeakers: Amir Madjlessi, Greg Blausey, Jim Collins
Moderator: Greg Blausey

Perspectives and Lessons on Credit Union Digitization from Around the World

DownloadSpeakers: Elenora Zgonjanin, Oscar Guzman
Moderator: Panya Monford

Growing Prosperity Among Members and Delivering on Credit Union Purpose

DownloadSpeakers: Liz Arkinstall, Mani Sheppard-Luangkhot, Mike Schilling
Moderator: Jonathan Fowlie

Open Banking Means Financial Inclusion

DownloadSpeaker: Adrian Davies
Moderator: Abby Cohen