Stirling Castle Gala Dinner

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This event is SOLD OUT.

Live like King's and Queen's at an once-in-a-lifetime evening at Stirling Castle. 

On this unforgettable evening, you will be welcomed as exclusive guests of the castle. When you arrive, a Piper attired in traditional Highland dress will greet you and escort you into the Queen Anne Garden. In the garden you will witness traditional Scottish warriors brandishing two-handed broadswords and battle-axes. Sip on a cocktail as you watch the battle unfold.

After the reception, you will be led through the castle courtyards and buildings where you will see a display by the Clann Warriors. From there you will enter the Great Hall where you will feast on a splendid banquet, just as the King and Queen's did in that very hall hundreds of years ago. 

When: Tuesday, 19 July
Time: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Arrive at 5:30 pm to the SEC for check-in
Buses leave promptly at 5:50 pm
Cost: $375.00 USD Per Person
Attire: Women: Cocktail, we recommend no heels as there will be cobblestones, dress in layer
Men: Long-sleeved button up, khaki's/ black pants, no tie required, dress in layers

  • Transportation to/from the Castle
  • VIP Access to the Castle Grounds with areas not seen by public entrance
  • Cocktail reception with beverage
  • Entertainment from The Clann (traditional Scottish warriors)
  • 3 Course Meal in the Great Hall

Stirling Castle History

The town of Stirling stands on about the only piece of firm ground in the marshy flatlands round the tidal River Forth. For hundreds of years it was the lowest point, at which the Forth could be bridged, so the town commanded all routes northwards and that it overlooks seven battlefields is hardly surprising. Dominating the town is Stirling Castle sitting high on its crag, commanding fine views over the Forth valley and therefore, serving strategic military importance. The Castle was not just a vital stronghold to prevent invading armies crossing the Forth, but was also a favored royal residence of the Stuart Kings. Many of the buildings in the heart of the castle have a French influence and it was in the Chapel Royal, started in 1501 by James IV, that Mary Queen of Scots was crowned Queen at the age of nine months.

As you stand on the battlements of the castle looking out over the valley below, take a moment to reflect on the momentous struggles that took place in the area. William Wallace struck a blow for Scottish Independence at Stirling Bridge and Robert the Bruce finally sent the English packing at Bannockburn.