Monday, 24 July

General Session - Monday, 24 July

DownloadSpeaker: Susan Etlinger

Growth Strategies in an Ever-evolving Environment: An International Perspective

DownloadSpeakers: Tom Webster, David Matthews, David Taylor, João Tavares
Moderator: William Hall

What is the Sound of a Tree… Would Someone Notice if You Were Gone?

DownloadSpeaker: Mark Meyer
Moderator: Elenita San Roque

Innovation: Education that has Career Impact and Relevance

DownloadSpeaker: Sonja Novkovic
Moderator: Dorwin Manzano

Regulation of Corporate Governance of Financial Cooperatives

DownloadSpeakers: Michael Radway, Korinne Collins
Moderator: Eric Richard

A Digital Strategy for Emerging Market Credit Unions

DownloadSpeakers: Kalin Radev, Murray Gardiner
Moderator: Elenita San Roque

Blockchain Technology – What You Need to Know

DownloadSpeaker: John Best
Moderator: Carlos Pachero

Succession Planning for Success

DownloadSpeaker: Dan Strandy
Moderator: Micah Davis

What does Advocacy Look like in a Period of Disruption?

DownloadSpeakers: Michael Edwards, Mark Lyonette, Ryan Donovan
Moderator: Brenda O'Connor

Tuesday, 25 July

Digital Payments: Global Credit & Debit Payment Trends and Opportunities

DownloadSpeakers: Todd Mazurek, Andrea Rusnak, David Jay, Robert Meloche

Building the Business Case for Cybersecurity

DownloadSpeaker: Jay Isaacson
Moderator: Murray Williams

Increasing Consideration Through Content Marketing: Providing True Value to Perspective Members in Every Step of the Purchase Path

DownloadSpeaker: Kaitlin Cleary
Moderator: Martin Reed

Collaboration & Technology for Growth

DownloadSpeakers: Simon Vincent, Bill Maurin, Edson Rodrigues Lisboa Júnior
Moderator: Robert Eyler

Business Continuity in the Age of Rampant Cyber Threats

DownloadSpeaker: Andres Franzetti
Moderator: Melanie Cleary

Ambitious Growth

DownloadSpeaker: Rowan Dowland
Moderator: Scott Butterfield

Brand Advocates & Micro-Influencers: Find & Engage Authentic Messengers for Your Credit Union

DownloadSpeaker: Kaitlin Cleary
Moderator: Bruce Foulke

Regulation in an Era of Digitalization

DownloadSpeakers: Dirk Haubrich, David Cotney
Moderator: Henry Lynch

Wednesday, 26 July

The Coach Approach – A Powerful Leadership Tool for Cultivating Solution-Based Thinking

DownloadSpeaker: Sandra McDowell
Moderator: Geri Burek

Augmented Collaborative Economy - Perspective of Cooperative Banks

DownloadSpeakers: Fotis Filippopoulos, Andrea Karner, Marco Aurelio Almada, Monique Leroux

What Can Your Data Tell?

DownloadSpeaker: Shazia Manus
Moderator: Caroline Domanski

General Session - Wednesday, 26 July

DownloadSpeaker: Simon Mainwaring